Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland, our job is to guide and educate people on the Scottish mountains during their ascent to the summit.

We are a mountain guiding business based in Fort William which gives us a good central location in the Scottish highlands, we operate all over Scotland taking people up popular mountains such as Ben Nevis, and less known ones in areas such as Skye upon request.

All of our guides are qualified and insured by the Mountain Training Association, which is the collection of awarding bodies for skills courses and qualifications in walking, climbing and mountaineering in the UK. There are no legal requirements for guides to be qualified or insured in the UK but Alba Ascents does not believe this is safe practice, hence why all of our guides are qualified and insured.

The outdoors is our workplace, so we believe it is important to protect it. Because of this we ask for our guides to attend a Leave No Trace course, attending one of these courses shows us they have a level of competence in environmental awareness, which they can use to educate their group on the issues that our environment faces. In addition to this we ask that on the descent of the trip the group helps pick up any rubbish for the guide to dispose of so that we leave the area cleaner than when we arrived.